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Little Radish’s purpose to serve fresh locally as possible gorgeous food. When it comes to quality, flavorful, health-minded meals, it’s all about wholesome, delicious ingredients. The Little Radish menu items contain only the finest locally sourced veggies, starches, cheeses and proteins.

All of our salads are offered Vegetarian as well as Gluten Free.

Every salad is picture perfect.  Our concept is tossing the greens with the dressing adding our gorgeous toppings then handing it over to you.

SNAP (the lid), SHAKE (the mix), ENJOY (the salad)

The perfect salad is a matter of individual taste.  Whether your ideal salad is hearty or low-calorie, vegetarian, meaty or gluten-free…. we have what it takes to create your new favorite salad.

Our chefs are happy to prepare any of our salads exactly to your liking.